Ministerial Cadre

Expert in all kinds of official correspondence which may be establishment, administrative and account related job. They can be deputed for such work in any industries.

How to register

Online registration is a 2 step process, viz

  • Filling up of relevant Ardh Sainik Security Registration Form and

  • Register at website and create an User ID,.

Rehabilitation process

5 steps for Rehabilitation process for the placement of the interested personnel will be as under:

  • Registration/willingness will be generated.

  • Retired Ardh Sainik, who retired from the para military forces.

  • Efforts will be made to provide opportunity in District or at least within state of applicant.

  • Maximum opportunity will be offered.

  • Ardh Sainik Security office will provide opportunity in Schools, colleges, Institutions, Factories or any other Government, semi Government organizations. However, priority of applicant will be considered as per availability of options.

Eligibility and priority

All the retired CAPFs personnel can apply and avail this facility of placement, however, a serving personnel can register for placement before 6 months of retirement. The following are eligible for registering with Ardh Sainik Security for their effective Placement:

  • Widows of Ardh Sainik.

  • Retired Ardh Sainik, who retired from the para military forces.

  • Dependents/family members of serving Ardh Sainik.

  • Others if any with specific skills.

Application Form

I undertake that no Inquiry or criminal case is pending against me at any Court of Law or Departments.